Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Last Days to Raise Funds

We are just 3 days away from travel, which is exciting to get this close. It also means that we don't have much time to raise funds for our adoption. I sat down, crunched the numbers again, tried to see what needs to happen today, what we can come up with later and where we can squeeze money out of our budget.

 We have just a little bit time but there is also an amazing opportunity to witness yet another miracle. This Momma just can't give up when we are so close!

In the China program, travel is costly. It's a 2 week trip and you take a large donation with you (in cash) that will help with caring for the children in the orphanage. Here are the costs involved in this trip:

 Trains and Flights in country $471 PAID!!!
In Country Guide Services $1121 PAID!!!
 Hotel in Province 1 $1061 PAID!!!
Province Fees $831 PAID!!
Orphanage Donation Fee $2735 $950 NEEDED
Hotel in Province 2 $1530
Medical Exam $350

My second job helps us afford the other costs of the adoption like food and other costs while in country. Would you partner with us and get us to China and home? I will update this post as we cross off the orphanage donation fee and move on to the second hotel fee. We are so close!

All donations are tax-deductible through Reece's Rainbow.

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