Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fundraising Update

I haven't taken the time to mention some great news. Last month, right before our trip, I received a wonderful phone call. We received a generous grant! It was the best news possible as I knew we would have a payment due to our agency very soon. It also eased the burden on fundraising as we finished the auction in October and had no big fundraisers planned due to our trip.

As of today, we still need to send $2500 to our agency for fees. We also continue to send a monthly foster care fee which is used for Afuas needs at her orphanage. I am amazed that we are so close to being fully funded! Of course we will have 2 more trips to West Africa (including Afuas one way ticket!!!) but those needs are not as urgent as the agency fees.

If you are considering making tax deductible donations before the end of the year, would you keep us in mind? We can accept donations of all amounts through Reeces Rainbow, a non-profit organization that advocates for orphans with special needs. You can leave your name so we can thank you, or anonymously, if that is your preferenc. The button on the right side column on this blog will take you there. We receive 100% of all donations.  Once our account states $4000 we are fully funded on agency fees.

I am so grateful for all the encouraging words, all prayers, all donations to take on our trip and all financial gifts. We have everything we need to provide for Afua once she joins our family, but getting her here on such short time frame is a challenge. It's humbling to ask for help or participation on fundraisers, but so many have done so gladly and went above and beyond in generosity. All for our girl who is so loved already.

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