Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Not a Goodbye, but see you soon...

The hardest part of our adoption process are the goodbyes. We do it twice and when we meet the third time, we are together forever.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Where we are with the adoption

Last Wednesday, Eric filed our i600 application in Ghana. This begins the investigation on the US side into our adoption. Documents are verified and they make sure Afua was an orphan who qualifies for adoption. I say "was" because she no longer is an orphan. She is our daughter!

One of our documents has a typo on it and we will need to have a corrected version submitted before the investigation concludes. It's minor, but it's good that all documents are accurate and correct.

We are also waiting on Afua's passport, which is a tricky one to obtain. When I think of passports, I think about going to the post office, dropping off an application with pictures and payment and then a few weeks later a passport comes in the mail. Not so in Ghana. It's a long process, the application goes through many hands, machines break down, people may not come to work the day something they do needs to be done and the pace of life is very different. Abandoned children need an adoption passport which takes longer than another type of passport sometimes used. Our passport application is already filed, but it will be weeks until we can get it.

I don't even want to guess how soon Afua will be home. I will be wrong and it will be longer than I would like. 

According to Eric there have been days where she has been smiling and interacting with everyone (as seen in these pictures). There have also been visits where she is lethargic and having a hard time connecting. Those pictures are hard to see. Once I get all of Eric's pictures loaded, get ready for lots of stories. Once again, the trip proved to be about so much more than adoption.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Daddy's Girl

My husband is a wonderful Daddy to our children. I know that he truly enjoys parenthood in so many ways. I had no doubts about him going to visit Afua, but I did hope that they would bond instantly. The orphanage environment isn't always the most comfortable setting and it can be hard to be goofy or overly affectionate around others.

And then I started to get pictures from Ghana and I could see that the two were bonding. Another Daddy's girl in the making.

I am glad for the time they have to spend together and the progress in the adoption process.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Day of Love

Today marks 1 year since Kofi and Joy joined our family. It's been a year of learning, growing and compassion. I made a video to share our first year together and I would love for you to see it.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Time to fly

Tickets are booked for trip #2 to Ghana. This time Eric will be going to the US Embassy in Ghana to file our i600 paperwork, which begins their investigation into our adoption. It usually takes between 30-60 days and then the case is turned over to the consular section that processes her visa into the US. So he will not be able to bring her home just yet.

hang in the little one!

Since that will take one day of his trip, Eric has set aside time for volunteering at the The Fern House. We love how this place is becoming part of our trips and how we can play a tiny part in helping women in a crisis pregnancy situations. My hope is that every woman who wants to parent her children could do so regardless of poverty or a temporary situation. 

So the next week or so will be spent packing and getting things ready for Eric. And organizing all our documents. I can't wait to share about his trip and all that he experiences. These trips are always full of opportunities to serve and grow.