Friday, October 26, 2012

Dossier is ready to go!

 This is me "organizing" the dossier :) not really, but it felt like this....

Dossier is a collection of paperwork including our home study, birth certificates, adoption applications for social welfare and other vital documents to process little "A"s adoption in her country. Some countries require huge amount of paperwork, but we are lucky in that ours is very simple. Most of it, I was able to print off my computer from our previous adoption. And tonight, I gathered all the papers together knowing we can send it to Africa.

After the dossier is sent, our next step is to travel. TRAVEL! I can't wait to be back in Kofi and Joy's homeland, where in the midst of poverty and sadness I find so much joy. I will write a separate post about what all I get to do there, but the main reason is to spend time with our sweet little princess!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our children's thoughts on adoption

When Eric and I were discussing how this adoption would change our family dynamic (or would it change it at all), I spoke with each of our children individually. I wanted them to know that their feelings were being considered and valued in the process, even though Mommy and Daddy would make the decision. I wanted to share these in case anyone is wondering how adoption affects children (or at least how it affected our children 8 months into our first adoption).

 Emmi (13) "Does this mean I get to go to Africa now?" As the oldest, she has experienced new responsibility of 3 siblings looking up to her. She has done an awesome job adjusting but I wasn't sure how she would feel about another sibling. She was literally jumping up and down squealing as we were sharing about their little sister. 
 Jake (7) "So can I go to Africa too? Awww...Mommy she is so cute. I can't wait to be her big brother". Jake is very close to Agyeiwaa and a tender big brother. No doubt he will be so with little "A" as well. Later, he told me "Mommy, I hope more families adopt, this is so fun"
 Kofi (7) "So we get a new little sister? Mommy, does she have food? She has no family? Mommy, we have to go get her now". This boy's heart is so big, and he knows the realities of being orphaned. He will be her protector, I can tell.
Agyeiwaa (4) "Mommy, can my little sister sleep in my room? I am going to teach her". She has blossomed in our family and continues to overcome her fears and obstacles. Now that she knows she will have a sister close in age, she is making all kinds of plans for them.

Our adjustment as a family of 6 has had its challenges. We have not been perfect, our children are not perfect. But at the core of it all, is love. Unconditional love. And because of that, they know that another child isn't going to change that.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Thank you to our village!

It truly takes a village to adopt a child. Just over a month ago, a dear friend suggested that we would host an online auction to raise funds for the adoption. The pessimist in me thought, would anyone really want to participate by donating or even bidding? A few emails later, my friends proved me wrong, that many organizations and individuals wanted to donate items and many more expressed interest in bidding once the auction would open.

The auction ended last night. As I was watching the numbers climb, I knew I had a huge village of support around us. People who want to see little "A" in a family, no longer an orphan but a beloved daughter. Instead of the traditional bedtime stories, I have a feeling she will be hearing about all the little miracles that happened as we made our way to her.

As of right now, the total is over $1400. Many are adding a few dollars to their totals to bring us another step closer to her. I hope to have a final number in the next few days.

So thank you village! Your support and love is amazing!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Adoption progress

This weekend we met with our dear social worker to update our home study. The timing of our second adoption warranted only an update (=less paperwork and running around gathering signatures) and we didn't need to do a whole new home study. I remember being so nervous the first time around, I organized every closet and alphabetized our spice cabinet in anticipation of her visit. Well, she is like a family member now and I tidied up quickly hoping that would be enough. We discussed adopting a child with special needs, how Kofi and Joy are adjusting and how Emmi and Jake are doing. It was such a nice conversations and she offered great advice on our current questions about all our children.

Once she has a chance to type up the update, we are almost done with our dossier. Eric and I are getting our fingerprints done next week for our i600a. We are looking at our first trip and we think it will happen soon!

I know this will pick up pace soon, but right now it seems that things are moving slowly. I received a picture of our little girl today and my heart just aches for her. I want her to know she is loved and she will be the perfect addition to our family. Soon...