Friday, February 8, 2013

Time to fly

Tickets are booked for trip #2 to Ghana. This time Eric will be going to the US Embassy in Ghana to file our i600 paperwork, which begins their investigation into our adoption. It usually takes between 30-60 days and then the case is turned over to the consular section that processes her visa into the US. So he will not be able to bring her home just yet.

hang in the little one!

Since that will take one day of his trip, Eric has set aside time for volunteering at the The Fern House. We love how this place is becoming part of our trips and how we can play a tiny part in helping women in a crisis pregnancy situations. My hope is that every woman who wants to parent her children could do so regardless of poverty or a temporary situation. 

So the next week or so will be spent packing and getting things ready for Eric. And organizing all our documents. I can't wait to share about his trip and all that he experiences. These trips are always full of opportunities to serve and grow.

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