Thursday, March 14, 2013

The wait

Waiting is a necessary part of adoption. There is no way around it and most Americans are not good at it. We don't like to stand in lines, we don't like to drive in rush hour traffic and if we are forced to do either, we will immediately reach for our phones or other distractions to help with the wait.

In comparison to the Ghanaian culture, we must appear a bunch of nervous freaks. There, punctuality is measured in hours, not minutes. Life has a different rhythm and flow.

We are at another waiting point in our adoption and this is where my peaceful existence (if there was one) fell apart during our first adoption. This is the part where everyone compares timelines, waits for documents, decides if filing certain paperwork is quicker in Ghana or done from the US side. There are pros and cons to each decision and sometimes you may end up regretting a certain decision and get stuck waiting.

Being at this point a second time is not easier. This time we have a little girl with medical needs. While she looks better now in the pictures we receive, I long to bring her here to medical care. I envision her using the various therapy toys and equipment we have waiting. I have her specialists picked out based on colleagues recommendations. I just need her. Here. Soon.

Here are some pictures from Auntie Comfort's visits to Afua's orphanage. I can't even put into words what her visits mean to me. It is a lifeline to my sweet girl and I can see they both enjoy spending time together. Precious!!!

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