Tuesday, September 24, 2013

2 months home

Afua landed on US soil 2 months ago. It has been a joyous, heartbreaking, victorious, frustrating, amazing 2 months. We have celebrated so many milestones from small to big and we have been so incredibly busy.

Medically we are in a good place. Afua has an eye surgery and ENT surgery scheduled in the next month. These are minor procedures but due to her low muscle tone we have to stay overnight for the ENT surgery. She is eating enough calories, so the worry over a feeding tube is gone for now. She has gained 5 pounds in 2 months!

Some of Afua's new skills are:

~ if she wants more of something, she will say "oh" in attempt to say more. this is HUGE in her steps to communicate with us

~ she can now crawl 6 steps and rarely rolls anymore. she crawls and scoots upright most of the time

~ she recognizes members of her family vs. strangers

~ she is starting to play games with her siblings

~ she can stand with assistance for 10 seconds and pull up to her knees while holding on to something

~ she loves music and when someone helps her clap her hands

This week we will have Afua's IEP meeting and fit her for leg braces. I look forward to both appointments and what they bring. We are very proud of Afua and all that she has accomplished.

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