Sunday, July 6, 2014

Celebrating Afua

Yesterday was Afua's birthday and the first time this day has been celebrated properly.

Last year, I went to her orphanage and was initially denied my daily visit. It was raining and they deemed it too cold (it was over 70 degrees). I insisted that I wanted to at least wish her happy birthday and they finally have me 15 minutes to visit.

Snuggling with Lucy on her birthday last year. 

This year, I wanted the day to be about Afua. We did soap bubbles, she snuggled in the hammock and we played with new light up toys. She loves when the entire family is gathered around her so we all played with her and surrounded her with our presence and love.
She usually doesn't stay with one activity for long, but she was swinging in the hammock just feeling the breeze. 

Exploring the slip and slide.

Afua is progressing at a rapid pace, we see the sensory processing and integration happening so wonderfully. But most importantly, she is a family girl. She loves knowing her home base and who she can trust. Having experienced a long journey to attachment before, Afua is amazingly, securely attached early on. 

Happy Birthday sweet girl! You are the glue in our family, the one who makes sure we are ALL together. You are a blessing! 

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  1. Happy birthday to Afua! It really is a sweet blessing that the love and care you have shown her have made her feel safe and secure! It does not always turn out that way.