Saturday, September 20, 2014

Finding our routine

A new school year has started and this time I really struggled to find our fall routine. We have a junior in high school who goes on college campus 3 mornings a week (and does not drive yet).

We have a 4th grader who moved to a new building and leaves a bit earlier.

We have a 3rd grader whose schedule did not change.

We have a Kindergartner who is taking the school bus for the first time with her big brother.

And we also have our preschooler who goes all day 4 days a week, does not need a nap anymore and who lost her first tooth this week.

We have spent the past few weeks in open houses, phase in days, orientations and new routines. All the children come home in waves, each excited to share what they learned and spilling their folders all over the dining room table. I returned to work and took on additional students this year, which is challenging but so inspiring. I work in charter schools in urban areas and I compare their learning environments to my children's schools in the suburbs. It is not even close to being an equal situation. I could write so much about that, but for now, I will do my best to connect with each little one I come in contact with.

So life now consists of busy weeks, therapies and appointments starting and of course Friday night football games. Soccer games are happening and we are seeing such incredible character development from my competitive son. Most days I collapse on the couch from exhaustion and I dream of a respite that actually feels like respite. Or sleeping in past 7am. Life is so busy but so so good.

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