Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Why raise funds for an adoption?

I know this question will come up as we begin to raise the funds to get to our girl. And in all fairness, it's an ok question to ask. Here are my thought on adoption and raising funds:

1. People raise funds for all kinds of reasons: summer camps, charity projects, medical costs, school activities etc. I gladly buy the wrapping paper, the magazines, the chocolate (especially the chocolate!) and the candles to support our family and neighbors as they work towards a goal. Sometimes it is to afford something special, sometimes it is to meet a crucial need. Our family has the funds to take care of another child, even with the medical attention she will need once here. What we don't have is the thousands required to bring her here, because many skilled professionals (adoption professionals, attorneys, immigration etc) deserve to get paid for their services. So we find creative ways to make that happen. She needs to be home sooner rather than later, so we humbly ask for support of those who would wish to join us on our journey. And we can't wait to share with her about all the people who wanted her home just as much as we did.

2. There are many ways to help orphaned children, it doesn't have to involve adoption. During our last adoption, we discovered that people wanted to join our journey, walk with us as we added two children into our family. There are several ways to do that and not all involve money. But for those who want to give, there is a link at the top of this blog. And it's tax deductible. Easy, peasy.

3. We will work just as hard to fund this adoption as we did with Kofi and Joy. We will apply for every grant we qualify for, we will work overtime, we will do without luxuries and we will do so gladly. Raising funds is humbling work, but so worth it. We were blessed with two children who are thriving in our family. Once little "A" joins our family, we know it's all been worth it...again.

4. Because we raise funds, we will be transparent with people throughout this adoption. It's only fair. Have questions? Email me at joyfuljourney4me@gmail.com.

Thank you!

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