Friday, January 25, 2013


Since we are ready to travel at a moment's notice, I am beginning to make preparations for Afua's arrival at home. Because she has been in an orphanage environment and due to her limited mobility, I have to go and purchase a c.r.i.b. Yes, the gal who said no more diapers and no more cribs is looking at purchasing a crib and has has lots of diapers in her future. Very funny indeed.

Afua is as tall as an average 2-3 year old, but due to lack of muscle control she is hard to carry. We are also looking at getting her a special needs stroller to use. It will make homecoming this spring much easier. These things aren't cheap, but I keep looking at used ones that might fit the bill until we get something more custom later on.

Another aspect of preparations I have felt lately is my need to simplify my life. Not an easy task as a mother of 5 but it is needed. I have evaluated my commitments, my work schedule and our family schedule and found where changes are needed. I am not taking new students as current ones graduate physical therapy. I stopped going to some regular commitments, even if it means missing out on some fun times, our home life needs to calm down a bit and I need to learn how to say no too.

I also need some serious organizational skills. It has never been my strong suit and I have lived a life that is full of procrastination and clutter. Doesn't sounds so good when I write it down, but I sincerely want to improve. I know there will be Dr appointments to make, more laundry and lots of paperwork in our future. The last part is familiar from completing two adoptions, but I have not mastered this skill either. No wonder I need to simplify my life.

My heart is so ready for her to join our family. That is one thing that needs no preparations.

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