Thursday, July 11, 2013

Update from Ghana

I have been in Ghana for three weeks and one day. Its gone by quickly in some way as we worked on the final steps of Afua's adoption. On June 2nd, we had our exit interview, the final step where all documents are gathered to issue a visa to the US. Our hope was to pass right away and travel home later that week. Our tickets were booked as there was no reason to deny her a visa.

During the interview, we were told they needed to look at some things more closely. They would not issue a visa right away, but would keep me updated due to Afua's health. We canceled all our tickets, and decided that I would stay in Ghana. Until it was done. No matter how long. Just as we wouldn't leave our 4 children at home sick in another country, we would not do this to Afua.

We received the answer that we have to re-do one document and then they will print her visa. In some ways it is a hard thing to do, but better than families who have been in this situation for month. Ours was solved in a week.

Now we are working hard to get this document re-done and we should have a visa next week. Afua''s health is still a concern, she has seizures and she has been fighting a respiratory illness. She also continues to vomit and has lost weight since I've been here. I don't get custody of her until I have a visa, so I visit her daily and that is hard.

I moved out of the hotel finally and I am staying with friends to save money. I am grateful for all the support given here, at home to Eric and the kids and we are doing fine because of it. Being away from my family for this length of time is something I didn't think I could do, but it is the right path for our family and what we are supposed to do. So there is peace in that.

I have kept a daily travel journal and I will post it here once I get home. Some details have to remain private until the entire situation is finished.

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