Thursday, June 20, 2013

One more flight!

I am in Frankfut, Germany just one more flight away from Ghana. It's been clear skies, smooth flights and no sleep. I actually watched two movies which is more than I have watched in a long time. My luggage weighed in at 48 pounds each, just under the 50 pound limit! All my clothes for the next few weeks are in my carryon, suitcases are full of donations and supplies for Afua. It's so surreal to think I am so close to seeing her again. It's been 6 1/2 long months.

The next couple of days will be very important. On Friday, I will have two important appointments that will determine how my mood will be over the weekend. It's hard to relax while that looms over me, but worrying isn't going to help either.

I haven't spent this much time alone in maybe 19 years? It's nice, but I miss my kids already and it would be nice to have a travel buddy. Last trip Emmi was the perfect companion, so excited to go to Ghana for the first time. On the way home, I will have plenty of company with Eric and Afua.

I hope to blog again once I get to Ghana. One more flight!

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