Saturday, August 31, 2013

Cerebral Palsy

One of the first things we knew about Afua was that she has Cerebral Palsy. We were not troubled by the diagnosis and we knew that she was perfect just as she was. But once we took her to our first neurologist (I say first because we now have two that follow her) he was not sure if there was another type of neurological disorder going on. We had and MRI and we waited for the results.

Turns out, she does have CP. She had lack of oxygen to her brain either during birth or in utero which caused a part of her brain to be affected. We are following up with neurologist #2 to understand the extent of her injury better. So in some ways I was thankful to know what is going on, but a part of me was so sad that day.

I cried for my little girl and I cried for all that she has been through. I can't understand the magnitude of the rejection and loss she has felt during her first years. I cried for a culture that we love so much that doesn't love our daughter with a disability. I have spent enough time in Ghana to know how people with disabilities are viewed and how limited their opportunities are.

Many therapists that have evaluated her have given us such promise for her mobility and improvement in general. We are starting from the beginning, teaching her the most basic things we would teach our 6-9 month old babies. It's exciting to see her respond to the techniques and all the medical things that are available to her. Right now, sky is the limit and we get to witness her healing as we find more answers.


  1. That is amazing. My husband John is 33 and has CP. His parents pushed and got him such great care and therapists and surgeries, he is now married (to me, I am so lucky!) and we have 3 kids. God gave him a passion for teaching and he now teaches middle school special ed kids at an inner city school in Fort Worth. Sky is the limit for your daughter!

  2. Thank you for your encouragement Melissa. We are certainly making sure we provide every opportunity for her to improve.

  3. I've loved this girl ever since I first saw her face- I have CP and so feel a connection to others who do. I'm going into education so I can go to other countries (AFRICA!!!) and work with people who have special needs. It drives me crazy that I had so many resources and opportunities that many people do not get. I'm so happy for Afua that she has you now :) It makes me sit here and cry for joy. I'm so excited to see how she'll blossom in your family as time goes on!!