Thursday, October 24, 2013

3 Months Home

Today marks 3 months since Afua joined our family. Eric and I talked about it today and it seems so much longer. Like she has always been here. It's funny how that happens, but she truly is such an important part of our family already.

Our medical appointments have slowed down, therapy visits are steady though. We are preparing for two surgeries and we anticipate the results to be wonderful.

Some new things that Afua can now do:

~ crawl across room

~ sit for 30 minutes if engaged in an activity

~ self feed teething crackers and bring spoon to mouth with help

~use a communication button to ask for "more" at mealtime

~ stand while holding hands for 15 seconds

~ crawl to her Daddy when he gets home for snuggles (her face lights up when he walks in the door)

Amazing little girl who has shown us to never give up hope.

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