Thursday, January 9, 2014

Busy Life

I have neglected my blog greatly and it's not because there is nothing to report. I wrote a post in November and just couldn't hit "publish". It would make the news too real.

During a minor surgery, Afua had a hearing test done under anesthesia. The news was not good and it was unexpected. Afua has profound hearing loss and according to the experts has not heard people talking to her. Ever.

Nothing changed in her world with the news, but for us, it seemed really hard. I have friends who are fluent in sign language, who would not consider being hearing impaired a huge special need, but we felt so out of place. I was sad because she has never heard me say that I love her. Our lullabies are probably vibration and mumble to her. And we KNOW she loves Frank Sinatra....were we just dreaming this? And this would be yet another barrier between her and the rest of the world. My heart was so heavy for weeks as I processed this.

We started the process for hearing aids and we will get them soon. Ultimately she may need the cochlear implant and that is what we are planning on. That way the hearing aids will not be a huge disappointment if they don't help.

December came and Afua had surgery to correct her eyes. The difference was amazing!

Her eyes were still swollen in the "after" picture on the right, but they were both looking in the same direction!

December was full of Christmas activities after the eye surgery.

Lots of family time, bonding and making memories. We constantly dream about the possibilities with Afua while loving her in the moment, just as she is. If nothing changes, she is a precious treasure. But we know we have only seen a tiny fraction of her potential. Walking this journey humbles us, stretches us and teaches us each day.

I will end this with a song I recently found. It is perfect for where I am today. If you don't see the video here, the link is


  1. I am facing a really similar situation right now with my foster son, who also has cerebral palsy and we just discovered has 95% hearing loss. His cochlear implant surgery is booked for February 13th. I live in India and foster him, and he spent the first 6 years of his life in an orphanage. I would love to stay in touch! There are so few people I can find who have kids like ours; CP, profound hearing loss, spent time in an orphanage, and getting this surgery at a later date.

    I blogged most recently about it here, and from that post I have links to previous posts on the topic. I can keep you updated on how his surgery goes and any tips we have!

    Keep in touch!

    1. Nikki, so nice to meet you ! I will definitely go to your blog and see how we can keep in touch. And I will be reading with interest how the cochlear implant works out .