Friday, January 24, 2014

6 months home

Today marks 6 months since Afua officially joined our family by landing on US soil. Once again, I am amazed at how much progress she has made in her attachment, her skills and abilities. She is a family girl, she knows where she belongs. Last time I wrote about her new abilities was 3 months ago. Those abilities are listed in parenthesis for comparison.

Afua is able to:

~ crawl everywhere in the house without fatigue (across the room in October)

~ sit for 1 hour (30 minutes in October) if engaged in an activity

~ scoop food who a spoon with help and bring spoon to mouth independently (with help in October)

~ stand while holding hands for 1 minute (15 seconds in October)

~ crawl to her Daddy when he gets home for snuggles, this wonderful thing has not changed 

We have new equipment, more interaction and we are trying to find a way to communicate. And a wonderful thing is that Afua is comfortable to meet new people and enjoys news experiences. This used to be overwhelming to her.

Happy 6 months home baby girl! You are a blessing and a joy to us. Your story continues to speak for those who are still waiting.

If you have ever thought about adoption, please don't hesitate to contact me about questions or resources. Special needs are not as scary as they may seem at first and these are the children that are overlooked, hidden and often left behind. Every child is deserving of a loving family. 


  1. May I please ask what agency you used to locate your beautiful daughter seen in this post? My husband and I have two typical kiddos and a special needs son and know, due to genetics roots of our son's illness, that we should not have more biological kiddos but are still wanting to explore adoption....but of another special needs child. I appreciate your willingness to share!!!

    1. Hi, you can reach me at Glad to hear adoption is something that you are considering, I would be glad to answer questions and share any resources I know of.

  2. Wow, these are great achievements, but th emos timportant is she's making strides in her attachment. I'm so proud of Aqua.