Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Thank you to our village!

It truly takes a village to adopt a child. Just over a month ago, a dear friend suggested that we would host an online auction to raise funds for the adoption. The pessimist in me thought, would anyone really want to participate by donating or even bidding? A few emails later, my friends proved me wrong, that many organizations and individuals wanted to donate items and many more expressed interest in bidding once the auction would open.

The auction ended last night. As I was watching the numbers climb, I knew I had a huge village of support around us. People who want to see little "A" in a family, no longer an orphan but a beloved daughter. Instead of the traditional bedtime stories, I have a feeling she will be hearing about all the little miracles that happened as we made our way to her.

As of right now, the total is over $1400. Many are adding a few dollars to their totals to bring us another step closer to her. I hope to have a final number in the next few days.

So thank you village! Your support and love is amazing!

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