Thursday, November 8, 2012

Travel Plans

I leave in 2 weeks!!! The excitement is equal to the panic that ensues when every room is filled with donations, summer clothes, travel medications and lists. I am a list maker and traveling produces so many of them. I wanted to share some of the things I get to do when I am in "A"s (and Kofi and Joy's) country.

1. Meeting our little one!!!
Of course this is the primary reason we are going. I can't wait to hold her and let her know she is wanted and loved. That she has a family on the other side of the ocean waiting for her. My heart is guarded though as we will be allowed visitation with her and every day we get a little (or a lot, who knows) time with her. But meeting her and doing some "Mommy assessment" of her abilites and disabilities will be the most wonderful part of our trip. We have toys and clothes packed for our princess and I know it will be a wonderful time!

2. The Fern House
I am so excited to visit and meet all the wonderful people at the Fern House, a crisis pregnancy center and maternity home that support women in many ways during an uncertain time in their lives. For the past few months, I have learned about the mission and future vision for the Fern House and I am glad to see it in person. I have suitcases full of donations to bless them with thanks to my generous friends and I hope to share more about the work they do there.
this will be me in 2 weeks, enjoying my orange Fanta in a glass bottle :)
3. Cultural "stuff"
This will be Emmi's first (but hopefully not only) trip to West Africa. I hope to show her all kinds of beautiful aspects of this country and culture. We will be shopping (we will be there on Black Friday, so we must) and experiencing new things together. She is an awesome travel partner, a seasoned world traveler (she traveled to Europe twice before her 1st birthday) and I know she will be fun to spend time with.

4. Miscellaneous
I know things will come up, TIA afterall! We are ready for any unexpected opportunities and will keep our schedule in "Africa time" as we should. I hope we have a decent wifi connection while there as I hope to share our adventures as they happen.

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