Thursday, November 29, 2012

How was your trip?

I love this question, I really do. But how can I put into words a week's worth of blessings, sadness, poverty, hope and tragedy. How do I adequately explain what my heart feels when I have seen orphans who are so desperate for love they will go into anyone's arms. Or witness a woman so desperate that she wants to take her own life. Or see the potential in a child who is not receiving an education that will pull her out of the cycle of poverty and death. Or see the people who work harder than any of us can imagine to make all the wrongs in this world right.

So the trip was amazing, wonderful, healing, redemptive and challenging in all the right ways. I once again was challenged to live with gratitude, to live with less "stuff" and to live with joy. To appreciate the good parts of the American dream and try to shed the aspects that just don't bring the happiness we crave. And to share about the people who are inspiring and whose work I am honored to support from a distance. In hopes that you may feel inspired to do the same.

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