Monday, March 24, 2014


For months we have processed Afua's hearing loss and how we should proceed. For months we have hoped for someone to give us a roadmap from the medical community but we realized that there were many different choices and many different opinions. And the best thing we could do was to pray and go with the path that brought us peace.

Earlier this week, we met with our "team" and explored the option of cochlear implant once again. Afua's CT scan makes her a perfect candidate for the implant. I was hoping we would find out also the reason for her hearing loss and we did narrow it down a bit. 

Currently the best option all around is to place a cochlear implant into Afua's left side and keep using a hearing aid in her right ear. This would allow Afua to hear speaking and begin to recognize more environmental sounds. 

The outcome of the cochlear implant will depend on so many different factors. Afua could learn to speak, it could enhance other communication tools and it could improve safety as she will hear more noises around her.And no matter what, it will improve her quality of life, which is what all the surgeries to date have done.

We will start the process next month and depending on insurance the process I surgery can be quick or slow. 

Most importantly, we have passed our fork in the road and once again are moving forward with a plan.

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  1. My son has been bilaterally implanted for one year now, and it has been the best decision we've ever made. He ripped his hearing aids off, but keeps his implants on because he loves the sound around him!
    Best of luck in the process, and that you find the best path for your sweet girl!