Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The "R" word

Today, 3.5.2014, I ask that you consider how your words affect others.  Some words, like retarded (or the "R" word as I call it)  is used casually but to a person with intellectual disabilities, this word is like a loaded weapon. We know that this word was once acceptable, even the medical community used it to describe people with cognitive differences. But it's time to move beyond this word, to erase it from the every day vocabulary.

My friends know I kindly correct them the first time I hear them use the word. After that they get a pause or a look. Why do I care? Because I parent a child with an intellectual disability and I love people in my life with cognitive differences. Because I work with wonderful individuals who hear the term used and it hurts them. Because I know that we have better words in our vocabulary. Because I don't want my words to become weapons. Ever.

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