Tuesday, March 4, 2014


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Afua has been using a standing frame or a stander for several weeks now.
The device looks very basic but every part if it has been adjusted to her height and other measurements. 
There is a foam wedge under her heels to allow some stretch to her heel cords without being too uncomfortable.

This is her stander at school (her teacher sends me these pictures, she is wonderful). And before you get grossed out, the stuff on her tray is chocolate pudding. Afua was engaged in sensory play as she is still hesitant to touch sticky, gooey or cold things with her hands. Chocolate pudding was a nice incentive I think.

For us, the stander serves many purposes:
-it strengthens Afuas legs to be able to walk
-it stimulates her leg bones to also be able to tolerate walking and prevent fractures
- it stretches heel cords, hamstrings and hip flexors to make her legs straighter and ready to walk
- it gets her vestibular system used to an upright position as Afua was confined to a crib for years and mostly laid there
- it helps with digestion (hallelujah!)
- it builds endurance and with that comes pulmonary and vascular benefits

Here is a nice poster about standers and why they might be used with people who may or may not be able to walk. Our bodies were meant to stand and be upright. The most custom and comfortable wheelchair can't replace standing and what it does for our bodies. 

Afua started her stander with 5 minute standing at a time. She is now standing 40 minutes once or twice a day. She loves to be at eye level with friends and playing with toys placed on the tray. She even watched her brother's musical at school while standing. We are so proud of her and her accomplishments.

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  1. Amazing!! Great post. I have to get my Molly one!! Need to find someone who sells them in India..