Friday, April 11, 2014

No words needed

Afua is non-verbal. As her mom, I long to communicate with her. When she cries, I would love to know what's wrong. The more I get to know Afua though, the more I understand her body language and how she communicates with us. Looking through recent pictures, I could tell exactly how Afua was feeling.

Mom, I'm bored....where are my brothers and sisters? (This was spring break week and Afuas siblings spent a few days at in-laws)

Brother....I am not letting you out of my sight. 

Ahhhh...I got my sister back

More tickles!!!! 

Mom...I'm waiting for my lunch. 

Afua is teaching us that words aren't needed to convey feelings and thoughts. We have learned that sometimes "talk is cheap" and words can actually get in the way. Afua communicates with her whole self, she is communication. And part of my journey has been to learn her unique language. We celebrate each time she uses ASL and learns a new sign. And we appreciate all the ways that she has found to communicate with us.

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  1. Ok I absolutely LOVE the last picture. Now I really need to see you guys after this one....