Friday, April 4, 2014

Words that lift us up

On Tuesday we had an appointment with Afuas Physiatrist. My husband is convinced that it's a made up specialty, but I am so glad we have this professional in our team. He is the most compassionate and down to earth guy. In his simple words, he encouraged me more that I have been encouraged in months; "Keep up the good work Mom. You are doing all the right things for her." It was just what my soul needed to hear.

Afua enjoying her evening snuggles and tickles

I am hard onmyself at times. I could be more therapeutic, fight to keep her hearing aids on more, be more creative, more energetic, more patient.... Why didn't I notice her hearing loss right away? I can live in this place of self doubt more than I should, but for now, those words from our doctor lifted me from "that place" and kept me flying high all day.

It was also our first spring feeling day an we enjoyed a dose of vitamin D the natural way and played outside. Afua and Joy played ball together. Come on spring! I hope you stick around!!

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