Sunday, April 20, 2014

Product Review: Hearing Halo

Afua has been using hearing aids for 3 months now. Developmentally she is very much like a curious toddler; pulling on the hearing aids and putting them in her mouth in 3.5 seconds. We lovingly call her a ninja, she is that quick :)

This lead me to a search for different products that help children keep hearing aids on. She has been wearing a hat over the winter but it's finally warming up here so a heavy winter hat has to go.

I saw the Hearing Halo on  ETSY and I ordered two different colors for Afua. It looked breathable and something Afua couldn't take off.

It arrived in 2 short weeks and we tried it last weekend. Afua did not try to take it off and it seemed very comfortable. 

I was trying to take a picture as she is grabbing my phone :)

Last Monday, I sent it to school along with her hat and waited for her teacher and aide's verdict. They seemed to like it and have used it daily since then. At home, it gives me the added security that her hearing aids don't end up in her mouth, a potential chocking hazard. The product is well constructed and it is easy to clean. 

Keeping hearing aids on a 4 year old who is developmentally a curious toddler is a challenge. Most products are babyish and it poses an issue with dignity. Hearing halo is an excellent choice for us as it different from the baby products on the market. And I know as Afua gets bigger, I can order a larger size that does the job well.

Thanks you Hearing Halo for making such an awesome product for my girl!

Disclaimer: I review products that I feel are beneficial for my family. Some products I receive for free to try, others I have purchased to try myself. Either way, opinions and experiences presented are 100% mine.

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