Saturday, May 10, 2014

Birth Mother/First Mother's Day

Today is a day dedicated to first mothers  everywhere. We honor the women who chose life knowing they would not parent their children or who for variety of circumstances no longer parent their children.

Whenever Kofi, Joy or Afua accomplish something I think of their first families. I don't take the responsibility of parenting lightly and I think about their first mothers often. I wish they would all know how loved these children are and how precious they are to us. 

Like when Afua took her first steps with her gait trainer, I wondered if her mother knew this was possible. For the sick malnourished babe to get strong enough to stand and take steps? I wonder if Afua's spunky personality is like hers and who she resembles in her first family. We will not know these things (most likely) but it doesn't stop me from wondering.

I don't pretend know the sacrifice of any birth mother. I don't know the feelings of not knowing if your child is dead or alive, in an orphanage or with a family. But I acknowledge it and it changes me as a mother. And I am a blessed woman who gets to tuck in 5 awesome children, kiss their boo boos and celebrate their victories. They are loved no matter how they joined our family. And maybe that is the best way to honor our first mothers. 


  1. Always enjoy reading your blog....this is so true!!

  2. Such a beautiful post! Love that quote too!
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