Monday, May 19, 2014

Preparations for our Disney Trip

This summer, we are taking a trip to Disney  World in Florida. Driving many hours, the heat, 5 children, the overstimulation and the $$$$$, it hardly seems like a relaxing vacation. But there are so many other reasons why we want this trip for our family. And we have found many ways to cut down cost (might be another blog post).

Our primary reason for choosing Disney is because of the way they handle children with disabilities. Afua's wheelchair is welcomed everywhere, there are so many things she can participate in and be part of the beauty of Disney. After her eye surgery, she can now see well and I can only imagine how wonderful fireworks will be to her.

We also know there is a window of time that Disney feels "real". Our three youngest children had things happen to them that took away from their childhood. If we can give them a week where they are just kids in a imagination rich place, then it's worth every penny. For my girls to dress in fancy dresses and my boys to battle Darth Vader, no other place will provide quite the same experience. 

It's a lot of planning, a lot of learning and at times overwhelming to plan a vacation at the Happiest Place on Earth. But we found a travel agent specializing in families who have a lived one with a disability. She walked us through obtaining a handicap accessible room, how to navigate the parks and locating all the facilities we will need to take care of any medical needs we may have.

I hope to write more as we experience Disney World through Afua's eyes. It will be fun!!!!

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