Monday, May 19, 2014

Family Photo Session

After months of medical stuff and a long cold winter, I was finally ready to have our family picture taken. Since we don't do this often, I knew I wanted to find someone special to capture the various personalities in our family. With Afua using a wheelchair, we needed a spot that was accessible. With our various skin tones, the lighting needed to feature all children equally. And the person needed to have the patience to keep up with our energy, melt downs and mealtimes. Tall order, I know.

I found the perfect person for the task, but as we approached our location, it was 48 degrees and raining. Our photographer suggested an indoor location and we went with it. The result? Great pictures and a fun day spent exploring the city and riding public transit.

In this picture, Afua is in her wheelchair but it is not the focus of the image. I love the urban setting, the movement of the train and the way Afua is looking up toward me. So often in pictures, children who use wheelchairs are put to the side but our photographer found a way to have her beauty shine in every picture. 

Her sweetness melts me. How did I get to be her Momma? There are days I feel so unequipped to the task, but she loves me just the same. 

At another transit stop, we found a cool bench and the cloudy day provided the perfect backdrop. All our kids were such troopers as they knew we would get back on the train and ride some more. 

At the same transit stop, there is a covered walkway. We took Afua out of her wheelchair and she loved seeing the raindrops fall on the glass. 

My spunky girl up front, holding onto her brother who wouldn't have it any other way. And no way is my oldest taller than me. Optical illusion. I was holding Afua because we had to lift her wheelchair on and off the train. Lesson in lack of accessibility....but Eric was a trooper doing the heavy lifting.

What a wonderful day and I look forward to seeing lots of other images from our fabulous photographer. I learned that having a family story-telling photo session is the best way to go!

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