Monday, October 27, 2014

Cochlear Implant Surgery

After our failed attempt at cochlear implant surgery in August, we consulted a new surgeon at a different children's hospital. It felt right to get a fresh start after so many glitches occurred at our first one. Our new surgeon has completed 1200 cochlear implant surgeries and the office staff was helpful and experienced.

After our hospitalization earlier in the month, I feared our October 20th surgery would be postponed, but we received all clearances in time to move forward. Afua was healthy, her strength was returning and we felt an overwhelming peace about the decision.
enjoying some pre-surgery snuggles

On October 20th, we woke up early and made our way to the hospital. While I didn't want her to have a yet another surgery, this held much promise. 
happily waiting

Everything went smoothly and her implant was tested under anesthesia. It worked well which was a relief. We received our suitcase of technology and a brief explanation by the hospital audiologist.

Before long, Afua woke up and we went home. She was very nauseous the first day but the second day she was comfortable. We stayed home from school the rest of the week and she will return to school on Monday.

a get well bear got her smiling
we named him "the most expensive stuffed animal that includes a cochlear implant as a bonus gift"

Our activation will be November 21st and I am not sure what her reaction will be. Afua has had profound hearing loss in her left ear and severe hearing loss in her right ear since birth. She can hear some sounds from her right ear but she has never heard speaking (at least not clearly). This may be frightening or this may be exciting to her. Knowing Afua, she will display her usual determination to figure it out.

 Will she be able to speak in the future? We don't know, but we sure can dream. 


  1. Oh gosh, medical procedures always come with at least a bit of nerves. It's certainly an exciting prospect and I hope she recovers well!!

  2. I'm so glad it's working out for you. A long time ago, my sister-in-law used to work for Cochlear, she's an audiologist. Great inventions, those things!

  3. Happy to hear the surgery went well. I'll be praying the activation goes equally well and am looking forward to an update. Thanks for adding this link to's Tuesday link up.

  4. So happy that the scary surgery went well and I have the very upmost hope that she continues to do well!!! Please keep us updated!

  5. Congratulations!!!! My son has had his CI for almost two years - it has been an absolute miracle for him. Prayers for a successful activation!