Thursday, October 23, 2014

What an October

This month has been different than I ever imagined. Instead of pumpkins and apple orchards, it's been hospitals and surgeries. But that's the way life goes sometimes, especially when you parent a child with medical or special needs.

A few weeks ago, Afua began to have staring spells and we suspected focal seizures. Teachers and therapists all saw them and we made an appointment with our neurologist. they couldn't get us in for 10 days so we waited and documented the seizures.

cutie pie always ready for road trips

Before we could get to that appointment, we had to be rushed to the ER and admitted to the hospital. She was having a hard time, we just didn't know with what....

EEG leads were in and we waited for results
Within an hour, the EEG picked up seizure activity and medication was started.

At the hospital we discovered that Afua had been bleeding in her stomach for weeks and this imbalance was bringing forth the seizures. We were in good hands and a quick procedure was performed under anesthesia. 

most of the days her eyes were closed, this morning i was able to see her eyes

Once we were home, I was sure our cochlear implant surgery would be canceled, but our surgeon was comfortable with us going ahead. Flu season was approaching and the surgery needed to happen before then. We had two weeks of blissful happiness at home before the surgery.

within a day at home, she was happy again

snuggles with daddy

Today, we are home after a successful cochlear implant surgery and Afua is recovering well. In the coming days, I will tell you all about it.

Parenting a child with special needs is unpredictable. I am grateful for the timing of all of this though, we absolutely needed to know about Afua's bleeding before we had the cochlearn implant surgery. Now that it's diagnosed and under control, she is more comfortable and happier than she had been in weeks, even months. 


  1. I admire your grateful attitude. It's strange how things that seem setbacks can be a blessing in disguise. (Although there is a part of me that thinks if the neurologists would have seen you sooner, a lot of extra heartache could have been avoided....guess I'm not ALL that appreciative, huh?) Sending good thoughts for a success cochlear implant :)

    1. Tina Marie, it would have been great if we had seen the neurologist right away. But I think in the end, the bleeding happened when it did and maybe the neuro would not have picked it up. At the hospital, we had a GI specialist come in within 30 min and she wouldn't have received that care outpatient. So hard to know what's best :)

  2. Poor little sweetie. She looks so happy despite what she's been through. Thank goodness you found out about the bleeding. I can't wait to hear more about the cochlear implants. Thanks for joining us at Friendship Friday, I appreciate your support and hope to see you again!