Monday, August 1, 2016

I800 Approved!

I started to write a post this morning while Eve was in therapy. It included a prayer request that our I800 would go to an officer and approved without delay. These days and add into weeks quickly if we have even small delays. I saved the post to finish later, but actually, there was no need to publish it.

I called to ask about our application status and found out that we were already approved! Such unexpected good news on a Monday. We are on the home stretch and still tracking to travel later this month, early September. We are hopefully expedited at the last steps which moves our timeline up from the usual estimates.

Passports for Eric and our friend were sent off to get travel visas. I filled out travel documents for our agency and it really starts to feel real! Travel is approaching and we need to be ready.

We are not at our fundraising goal yet, but living in hopeful anticipation that we will be when the time comes to purchase our plane tickets. You can partner with us the following ways:

1. Support the 5/5/5 Families and help 5 families all at once! We are one of the July families and the account remains open until August 5th.
2. Give directly to our tax-deductible Reece's Rainbow account 
3. Participate in our Compassionate Fundraiser by purchasing a bracelet or a tote bag. It benefits our adoption and provides a living wage for a woman who made the items.

Pray for us as we work hard to cross the finish line. We can see it, it's so close. Every ounce of effort is worth it in order to Josie to have a family and hope for the future.

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