Saturday, August 13, 2016

This is it!

We learned this week that we were approved for a medical expedite for the last steps of our adoption! How exciting! And terrifying! (Just being honest) The terrifying part is raising the remaining funds we need to get to Josie.

We have worked from day one to fund the adoption and have personally been "all in" with our finances. Our other children have not complained about the extras they have missed because some of them know what it's like to live in an orphanage. They want a family for Josie.

Recently,  we were approved for a grant, that was going to get us close to fully funded, only to find out they ran out of funds until the end of the year. Then I received an email with a generous donation promise, only to find out a few days later it was a person without any intention of following through. Not sure what they get out of it but it makes my heart weary to have these things not work out.

This coming week will likely bring our travel approval and then we need to be ready to make large purchases and money transfers. 

When we started Josie's adoption, I told a few trusted adoptive Mommas about Josie and if we should take this leap of faith. I felt bad if she had to wait because of our fundraising and one friend's answer stayed with me: "Jenni, she has waited for so long, no other family is saying yes. So it's either your family with your family's timeline, or no one." She had waited and with her tumors, waiting is not good. Many other children had come and gone from her orphanage and she had to wonder why she didn't have a family coming. So it was my greatest joy to send her an album with our pictures and say that we are coming! 

Would you share our need and give if you are able to? 

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