Thursday, August 25, 2016

Travel Preparations, One Week to go!!!

The last few days has been very busy in preparing for the travel. Plane tickets were purchased after an amazing financial blessing (did you see our Reece's Rainbow Account grow?) God is so good and provides just what we need each step of the way. A friend recently posted "God answers prayers through people" and I have definitely seen that in action.

We also received our travel itinerary that lists each day and what will happen during the trip. Sunday the 4th is the day that Eric will meet Josie for the first time and she will become our youngest daughter. We decided to cut down the trip to bare bones to be frugal as we still raise funds for the adoption costs. Some families take a few days to get rid of jet lag and experience cultural things before family day, but we decided to skip that and get right to business. This will give Eric a few extra vacation days later on this year too, which will help with medical things.

There is so much to do still but we remain hopeful everything will come together as it should. We want to focus our prayers on Josie and all the changes she will be going through in the next few weeks.

She will likely move from her foster home back to the orphanage for a few days before Eric has custody of her. That can be scary even in a familiar place. Then begins the slow process of attachment through language barrier.

Here are our current prayer requests:

1. Pray for Josie as she joins our family and leaves all familiar things behind
2. Pray for Eric and our friend who will be traveling a tight schedule while in China
3. Pray for all the people handling the adoption paperwork. No errors, smooth process and quick visa printing so Josie can come home to medical care.
4. Pray for those of us at home waiting for Josie
5. Pray for the finances as we are still short on being fully funded.
6. Pray for our family as we begin the journey of attachment and bonding with our new daughter

Please join us here for travel updates. Once Eric has custody, we can start posting pictures. Thank you for supporting us on this journey.

I received a private message just yesterday from a person who said they donated to our account and apologized that it wasn't more. I think so often we think that what we have to offer isn't sufficient or it doesn't matter. But at that moment, it was the exact encouragement that I needed. The timing was perfect and gave me the boost to keep working on the adoption preparations and fundraising. Please know, that every donation is appreciated and each gets us closer to Josie.

(all donation to our Reece's Rainbow FSP are tax-deductible)

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