Saturday, June 8, 2013

Adoption Grants part 4 (fundraising other than grants)

I have had fun compiling resources for adoption funding. The process can seem so overwhelming especially with finances. Hopefully sharing about grants  has helped and this post will talk about other ways you can raise funds for adoptions.

1. Both Hands
Caring for the orphan and the widow at the same time. An opportunity for a family to raise funds for their adoption and help a widow at the same time. Watch the video on the website, it tells the story better than I could with words.

2. Lifesong for Orphans
Offers matching grants for adoptive families as well as interest free loans

3. A Child Waits
Interest free loans for adoption costs. Also offers grants to families.

Your creativity is the only limit to fundraising for you adoption. Well, maybe following the law may create some boundaries, but generally my creativity stops within the limits of the law:)  I have friends who have made crafts, art, jewelry, knitted or made body products to raise funds. Some have held pancake breakfasts, 5k runs, car-washes, silent auctions, restaurant fundraisers, concert benefits, family carnivals to name a few. Ask your friends involved in direct marketing companies (Scentsy, Mary Kay, Usborne Books, Thirty One etc) if they would donate their commission toward your adoption. Many are willing to do that. There are also some existing fundraising companies that will help those of us who may not be as creative (like me...). I like the ones especially that offer women in developing nations the opportunity to earn a sustainable living or give portion of their profits to humanitarian efforts.

- Apparent Project
-147 million orphans
-Ordinary Hero
-Just Love Coffee
-Adoption Bug

Please share your best fundraiser as a comment or send me an email at I will gladly update this post as more ideas are shared.

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