Friday, June 14, 2013

I have some news to share...

Over the last couple of weeks I have felt an unrest. It's difficult to describe any other way than that I felt like I needed to get my house in order. Get ready for THE trip. Get supplies etc. But everything around me said the adoption wasn't nearly to its conclusion as we don't have Afua's passport yet. And without that passport, we can't do the last 2 steps of her adoption. Still, I felt the need to get ready.

As I received concerning news and things seem to stall around us, Eric and I made a decision after much thought and prayer that I will be going to Ghana. One way ticket. Until she comes home.

Afua and Comfort doing their exercises

The decision is one we have complete peace about and we are mindful of the sacrifice of that decision. Emotionally and financially our entire family is sacrificing to bring Afua home. Our children were ok with that, because they know we would do the same for each of them. And they want their sister home before it's too late. Her health is in a delicate balance and we want to be sure we are not taking that for granted.

So I will leave next week and stay until we both come home. 

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