Friday, June 7, 2013


I was hoping my next post would be announcing my travel to Ghana. I have ordered my "travel essentials" aka bug spray and granola bars. And gummy bears for Eric. I have diapers, nutritional things for Afua, toys and clothes. I have donations already arranged in airtight bags to allow the maximum space for everything. All I really need is a "green light" to go. We need to know her passport is well in the process and I am off. We thought we were about 2 weeks from traveling, but as it turns out, we are not.

In April, Ghana adoptions were suspended, see THIS LINK Those who were well into the process already were considered "safe" and could proceed without much worry. Others who were just beginning were taking a calculated risk, but would likely make it through the process also. But what this has caused for everyone in the process is delays and slower timelines for everything. We passed court in December, nearly 6 months ago. By all reasonable timelines we should be done. Kofi and Joy were home 5 months after court and the typical timeline is 3-6 months. Many other families are worried and frustrated just as we are. Children do not thrive in orphanages, especially children with medical needs. We miss our sweet girl and long for her to be home. The uncertainty is challenging at best.

We will continue to clarify our timeline and make plans according to that.

Dear friends, please know that even though I don't have a perfect answer to when I will be traveling, don't hesitate to ask. I am glad you are thinking about Afua and want her home too. I may burst into tears (and I have many times) but that doesn't mean I don't want to talk about it. Right now, we just want her home and the delays are hard.

Eric and Afua 3 1/2 months ago saying their goodbyes

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  1. Praying for you my dear sister! Praying for your heart and praying that Afua gets home SOON!! Love you.