Sunday, January 13, 2013


This week, I had some very special people who care about Afua make sure our adoption process didn't come to a stop. In a weeks time, we raised the remaining funds needed to be fully funded on our agency fees. Considering that we began the adoption process 4 months ago, I am absolutely thankful and filled with praise!

We have 2 trips ahead of us before our sweet princess comes home. Eric will be going soon (as soon as our court decree is printed) to file our i600 at the US Embassy which begins the orphan investigation. They make sure our case is ethical and that Afua is an orphan. We have no concern over this, and appreciate that each case is verified and investigated. Eric will also take Afua to a hospital to be evaluated and make sure her seizures (or whatever is going on) are under control while we wait for her to come home.

Our last trip will be the most fun. Homecoming!!!

So although we are fully funded with our wonderful agency, we have a little more to save and fundraise before the entire adoption is fully funded. Once again, thank you to our village who care about our girl so much and want to see her in our family.

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