Friday, January 18, 2013


As I sat down to write a post about Jake, I can't help but think about all that he has experienced this year. He gained a twin brother and a little sister. He offered to share his room, his toys and everything imaginable with a brother he didn't know. He doted on his little sister who wanted nothing to do with him for many months. But he tried, patiently to cultivate this sibling relationship. Because that is the gentle big brother that he is.

You can see him beaming, and Joy...well she tolerated this affection somewhat:)

But it wasn't long until these two were inseparable. Out of all 4, they became the closest. She would wake up and yell "Jakob, it's time to play" and he would wake up with a smile on his face.

Jake has many talents and wonderful qualities. But as I think about him, compassion rises to the surface. He is an engineer in the making, just like his Daddy and he loves to build and create. His wishes are simple but always so meaningful. He organizes our family game nights, which are his favorite. He doesn't demand attention to himself, but so appreciates it when it's his turn. Oh, how I love this boy.

Happy Birthday my sweet son! Don't ever change!

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