Sunday, January 13, 2013

My favorite Blogs

I used to love watching reality television. Not the kind where people make absolute fools of themselves, but the kind where you get to know how people live. And how they view the world around them. To me, that is fascinating. Like why anyone would live in remote areas of the world or generally live a very different way from other. And that is a huge reason why I love reading blogs. You can tell when people are authentic and willing to share even the tough things as they happen. Or when their life is lived serving others and making this world a bit better. Here are a few of my favorite blogs and I am always glad to find a new post from them. I hope you share some of your favorites with me, I am always looking for new ones to read.

Two Hoots and A Holler

This is as real as it gets. I love this blog and getting a glimpse into their life. Abiella was Afua's "crib mate" at the orphanage and we connected as they were finishing their adoption and we were just beginning. A wife of a musician, a first time Momma to her special girl, what could be better? I secretly wish we could be neighbors.

A Thankful Mom

Want some honesty about older child adoption and what it means to do "whatever it takes" for your child? How about wisdom that can only be acquired by parenting 12 children at various stages in life? Lisa is walking a difficult journey with grace and sharing about it in a beautiful way.

Ni Hao Y'all

This blog has the most beautiful photography. Her family is gorgeous, her surroundings are gorgeous, heck even her horse is gorgeous. Seriously, go and meet Poet. And the content is beautiful, encouraging and inspirational too.

Rileys in Uganda

I love adoption and transforming orphans into sons and daughters. But what happens when you adopt and realize that many children living in orphanages in Uganda actually have living parents? And with support, they could return to their families? Or be adopted domestically and maintain their culture? I love the innovative way the Rileys reunite children with their families, fight to change the stereotypes and work within the system in Uganda.

Tiny Green Elephants

This family adopted two children from Russia. I love reading how the children are attaching to their family and how they are intentional about making memories. This blog is perfect if you are considering adopting out of birth order or adopting an older child. It really isn't as scary as some people make it out to be:)

The Full Plate

I was hooked on this blog from the first time I read it. They are a fellow Ghana adoptive family, (as well as China and domestic adoption) which is how I found the blog, but what kept me reading was      the honesty when sharing about adopting older children, children with special needs and living life as a family of 10. Their latest addition, Dolly joined the family from China a few months ago.

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