Wednesday, January 2, 2013

From My Travel Journal: Travel Home

By the time this week was over, I missed my 3 little ones at home. Skype calls are wonderful but no substitute for hugs and kisses. According to Eric, everything had been going smoothly but he was ready for me to return too. We are a family that spends most of our evenings and weekends together so when we are on two continents, it just isn't the same.

Leaving this airport is never easy or uncomplicated. This is our family's 4th time and each time it has been different. There is a line to inspect luggage, then there is a line to weigh the luggage, then there is a line to check passports and then finally you can check in at the counter. Each step they give you various papers to hold and I am always confused what to give to each person.

Somehow we managed to get through the entire process and we had a couple of hours to spare. Emmi once again proved to be the best travel partner. She loves the ENTIRE process, hanging out at airports, browsing through shops, even jet lag. She takes it all in and her joy is contagious.

I have to be honest here and say that I had been holding back tears and emotions. It has been too much to process. I know I will analyze it all later, but for now I am glad for the peace in my heart.

We landed in Amsterdam (or as Joy says "hamster dance") early in the morning. I rushed to Starbucks and sipped on my latte while Emmi got McDonalds. It was something like 6am but they had quarter pounders and fries ready made. She was a happy girl! Then we got a slice of Dutch apple pie, yumm!!! As I was sitting, I thought "I have one daughter in Africa, I am sitting with one in Europe and I have 3 children in North America". How can a mothers heart be split between 3 continents? At that moment mine was and the piece at I left in Africa was the toughest one. Eric was taking great care of e little ones, Emmi was with me, but little "A" had no one.

All our flights were smooth and uneventful. Last one was a shorty at 45 minutes and finally we were home. I rushed into my husbands arms and finally felt like I could cry. He is my rock and I know I could just lean on him. I was home. And hopefully soon, little "A" would be home too.

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