Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Travel Update

We received an update on the documents we are waiting for. Our coordinator thinks all documents (birth certificate and court documents) will be ready within 2 weeks. The next step is to begin the orphan investigation at the Embassy which is said to take 30-60 days. Sometimes children with medical needs are investigated quicker, but we are not sure if our case will be. So I am preparing my heart for the grueling 60 day wait. Last time, it was the hardest part of our adoption and the time where I checked my emails 5 million times a day. At least.

The process starts with an appointment at the Embassy as Eric files all required papers. They then investigate all documents, make sure our daughter meets the criteria of an orphan (which she does) and make sure everything has been done ethically. We welcome the investigation to ensure all adoptions remain ethical, but of course we hope this part goes quickly.

While in Ghana, Eric hopes to address some of Afua's health concerns as well. We are Afua's legal parents now, so we can make those decisions for her. Healthcare is a cash based business in Ghana so he must decide what test we can afford, what can wait until later and what we think is best for her. It's a big responsibility, but he is more than capable.

Eric will also go to the Fern House and assist in any way he can. I want him to see the work that is done there and get to know everyone as we did. I know he will be presented with many opportunities to serve and he is the type of guy to jump in and help. I can't wait to hear the many stories he returns with.

We should finalize our travel dates soon. It's funny that we are so completely relaxed about the fact that he could be gone in less than 2 weeks and we don't have tickets yet. This is the world of international adoption!

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